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Are you fed up of eating too much, eating the wrong foods, spending loads of money on failed diets? Then let Hypnotherapy work for you.

Lose Weight through the power of Hypnosis

….I saw James a few days ago, and it was fantastic . He made me feel so relaxed and at ease. The hypnotherapy worked straight away . I am no longer snacking on poor choices and have reduced my portions of main meals. I would really recommend to anyone who is looking into this. I have already told everyone I have spoken to how amazing this is ! I have already started seeing results. Thanks again James… (Jenny, Nottingham, Nov 2018)

Hypnotherapy is a very powerful tool for helping with weight loss. It works by changing your behaviours towards food and eating habits that are stored in your sub-conscious mind. I can get you to cut down your portion size, cut down or completely cut out wrong unhealthy foods like chocolate, biscuits etc. I can also give you motivation to exercise.

Your Journey To A Healthier Life Starts Here

Your first step is to make an appointment, once this is done, I will;

The results will be instant, so you will know straight away how effective the treatment has been. Many people have one therapy session and this is all they need, others may need a follow up a couple of weeks after, some may come once every couple of months. It is completely upto you.

If you require any information, or would like a FREE consultation, please Contact me and start your journey today